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Structural panels made of extruded PP are featuring smooth outer surfaces and a structured core layer. Regarding the core structure, PP can be corrugated PP, cellular PP, honeycomb PP or other structured PP. The variable core structures enable diversified panel applicability. The market is offering many types of structural PP panels (the core structure can remind of bubbles, honeycomb, etc.) and usually designated panel trademarks are featuring typical core structures.

Common advantages:

  • Excellent mechanical properties: tough, elastic, lightweight;
  • Water-resistant;
  • Convertible;
  • Enable numerous custom manufacture options (variable thickness, density, colour, etc.);
  • Enable screen printing, flexographic printing, digital printing;
  • Enable full (100%) recycling.

Upon order, we can add various chemicals to the extruded PP during the production process, thus creating or emphasizing required material properties, such as:

  • Conductive,
  • Self-extinguishing,
  • UV-protected,
  • Anti-microbial,
  • Bio-degradable, …

The even and smooth outer surfaces of structural PP panels are suitable for digital printing. The panels can be upgraded with various other materials (like felt or foam) providing new technical end aesthetic results.

Corrugated PP – CARTONPLAST® panels

Corrugated PP is featuring a typically pipe-like core structure. Parallel pipes run along the entire panel length. The material available in various thicknesses and grammages is extremely lightweight and durable. Enabling wide-ranging machining options, it can be converted into the most diversified structures enabling advanced applicability in technical product packaging.

Honeycomb PP – BubbleGUARD® panels

BubbleGuard® panels are featuring a honeycomb core structure with bubble-like cells enabling high impact resistance to ensure excellent protection of your products. Its manifold applicability is based on properties like lightness, durability, machining options, suitability for direct digital printing and screen printing, as well as the application of self-adhesive foils. BubbleGuard® panels are resistant to moisture, chemicals and scratches. The material is available in various thicknesses and grammages providing a wide variety of properties enabling extended applicability.

Honeycomb PP – Exalite® panels

Exalite® PP panels are featuring a honeycomb core structure. Based on its lightness and toughness, they are ideal for the transport of heavy and/or precious products. Exalite® is perfect for covering the automotive industry needs for durable packaging during the transportation of car parts. This multiway material is water-resistant (washable).

Triplex® PP panels

Triplex® are lightweight and durable PP panels, extremely applicable in packaging. The smooth outer surfaces embrace a core layer with a gapped structure, whereby the three layers are firmly welded together. The core-layer gaps are low and open in both directions enabling high compressive strength and wide-ranging material applicability. The material is extremely resistant to mechanical impact, as well as corrosion and various chemicals.