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Textile materials mainly used in industry and manufactured industrial products are called industrial textiles. They are valued for properties like high tensile strength, good resistance to mechanical impact, heat, chemicals, resistance to bending and expansion, withstanding high pressure and durability.


For more demanding product protection, we use corrugated PP combined with felt. Contemporary felts are made of synthetic fibres mostly combined with natural wool. The main advantages of felt include pleasant look & feel, as well as high resistance to friction.


Grammage: 80g/m2
Thickness:  0,5–0,8mm

TNT – Non-woven fabric

TNT is a synthetic fabric made of mechanically joined fibre layers. The layers are joined through mechanical processing using needles, adhesives or heat (thermal processing) eliminating the weaving process. The material is extremely durable, water repellent, resistant to low and high temperatures, non-abrasive, soft, washable and featuring anti-microbial protection.

TYVEK® fabrics

Tyvek® fabrics combine the best properties of paper, film and textile providing unique advantages for variable packaging of products with high requirements. They are made of 100% HDPE fibres. Tyvek® fabrics are produced in a unique procedure. Featuring a strong and durable structure, the fabrics are highly resistant to mechanical impact, water, as well as to most organic and anorganic compounds.

EVOLON® fabrics

Evolon® high-performance industrial fabrics offer the gentlest surface protection for fragile products on their way from one production site to another. The extremely soft and smooth surface prevents micro-scratches and the texture impression onto the product packed. They are extremely strong and suitable for packaging and transportation of very heavy products or parts. Evolon® fabrics enable simple cleaning and multiple use. As long-lasting materials, they facilitate the reduction of packaging waste.

PVC fabrics

Polyvinyl chloride or PVC is one of the most widely used plastics worldwide. PVC fabrics enable wide-ranged applicability including industrial or technical packaging. They are valued due to their durability, resistance to water, various chemicals and abrasion, as well as their manifold applicability.