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Packaging’s elementary task is short-lived, as it must primarily protect products from production until actual use (product dosage, transport, rarely storage). Hence, packaging generates inevitable additional costs for the manufacturer and the buyer. Turning to waste almost immediately after the product protected by it is sold, it represents an even greater burden to the environment. In line with this, our mission – and challenge at the same time – has been affordable, impeccably protective and reusable packaging. Generating continuous improvements through R&D, we are aware that the goal is still to be reached, even though we took this path long ago. Promoting reasonable use and consumption of raw materials, consumables and energy, we have been contributing to product cost reduction and fostering mutual responsibility in environmental management. The same attitude, as well as unconditional respect for the customer, are expected from our business partners and suppliers. The professional approach to the most demanding projects must be a joint achievement generating reciprocity.

Marko Krmac, CEO

Valter Krmac, founder